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Beginning tonight at midnight, April 26, 2013, the Kindle ebook version of IT'S A MOD, MOD, MOD, MOD MURDER will be on sale for 99cents!!!  This price will be good until noon on Sunday (or whenever after that Amazon makes the price change).  Spring is here, and I thought everyone would enjoy a light, funny mystery set in the Mad Men era.  The other two books in the series, TWIST AND SHOUT MURDER and SECRET AGENT GIRL are available at the regular price of $3.99.  Here's the link: http://ereadernewstoday.com/more-kindle-deals-for-4-26-13/6728742/

AND, there's a contest!  Here's what's in the prize!

Lilly Pulitzer cosmetic bag for Estee Lauder! Carry your groovy beauty products in this gorgeous limited edition bag from renowned designer Lilly Pulitzer.

60s contest Lilly Pulitzer makeup bag

Mad Men Nail Polish! (from Estee Lauder) Turn on your fingertips to a limited-edition nail lacquer inspired by the Award Winning AMC Drama Mad Men. The Pink Paisley shade captures the sexy yet innocent '60s look perfectly. Polished and chic. Smooth glossy color, long-wear. Features a '60s era bottle. (Yeah, no, these pictures are not the actual size, ha!)

60s contest nail polish

From Beauty Secrets a collectible Lady metal nail file. This short file has long-lasting grit, durable enamel coating, and you can sanitize it. A perfect way to groom your nails for your new Pink Paisley nail polish.

Mod 1960s-style false eyelashes! Andrea ModLash style consists of separated spiky lashes. Made from 100% sterile human hair. So mod!

60s contest mod lashes

And, finally, an autographed copy of the print version of IT’S A MOD, MOD, MOD, MOD MURDER!

How do you enter to win?  Easy!  Simply leave a comment below--you do not need a Live Journal account to do so--with your name and email address.  If you're not comfortable leaving your email address here, leave your name only and email me your email address at rosemarystevensauthor@yahoo.com.  I need your email address to notify you if you win!

Each entry will be assigned a number, and a number will be drawn on Sunday, April 28, 2013 at 6pm EST, and the winner will be notified via email.  You'll have 48 hours to respond before I move on to the next person.  The winner will be announced here.

You can earn an extra entry by tweeting about this contest--link to this journal--and linking me to your tweet in your comment.

Good luck and Happy Reading!



UPDATE: I'm being notified that some people are having a hard time entering through this blog.  As a result, I am also taking entries via my email at rosemarystevensauthor@yahoo.com and on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rosemary.stevens.96?ref=tn_tnmn


And the winner is Joann Locascio!  Congratulations!

The Next Big Thing

I was tagged by the fabulous ellenbyerrum to do the The Next Big Thing blog that’s floating around the webs these days.  Rather than interview myself (huh?), I’ve chosen to give a year end look at the biggest accomplishment of my writing life in 2012.

Arguably, the hottest news in publishing continues to be e-books.  In 2010, I began making my out-of-print books available electronically starting with my 1960s set Murder-A-Go-Go Mystery series, and followed by my Regency romances.  In 2012, I was able to finally complete the project, and now all eleven of my books are available on various platforms including Kindle and Nook.

Throughout this year, I worked on getting my bestselling, Agatha and Romantic Times winning mystery series, The Beau Brummell Mysteries, converted to e-books.  To the uninitiated, this may seem an easy task.  Just upload a Word document to Kindle, find some clip-art, slap a price on it, and congratulations, you have an e-book.  Wrong!  The reality is that readers expect a well-edited, well-formatted book with an enticing, professional cover at a competitive price.

Let’s begin with editing. Luckily, all four of the Beau Brummell mysteries were edited by New York editors at Berkley Prime Crime, the imprint of Penguin where they were first published.  Of course, before they even got to New York, each manuscript was critiqued and edited by a few friends who also happen to be Regency authors.  Even so, I went through all four novels in Word document form to make sure there were no errors. 

Then the formatting process began.  Once again, I went through all four Word documents and made simple changes that I’d discovered were required.  Things like all underlining, which indicated to a New York editor that the word should be italicized, needed to actually be italicized for an e-book.  Then when I ran a preview of one book through Kindle, a weird thing happened with accent marks.  I had to go through all four novels again and find all the uses of Andre, Sevres, fiancee etc., and fix them.  After that, I turned the formatting process over to my Wonderful Son (that’s his official name), and he worked his magic which, to this day, remains a (ha!) mystery to me.

During this time, I was working with an artist to create the covers, a process that took much longer than anticipated.

And pricing.  How much should I charge for these books?  I didn’t want to undervalue my work by going with the 99cent price point, yet I didn’t feel comfortable charging what a print book would cost.  Finally, after doing research on the net and discussing the matter with other authors, I decided that $3.99 per book was fair.

With the launch of the e-books came the design of a new website for me at http://www.rosemarystevens.com.  Again, Wonderful Son deserves all the credit for combining my three websites into one. The e-books went live on September 23rd, and several of my Facebook friends helped me spread the word.  I also tried my hand at Twitter, and did some advertizing with more to come next year.

It’s great to have my work available again in this new and exciting way.  I’ve been very pleased with the response of readers, and I have it on good authority that Beau is happy to be a part of the digital age.

Now it's my turn to tag another author to tell you their news.  SCORECARD is a thrilling new novel written by Jerry L. Smith and Ian Augustine.  Ian will tell you all about the novel on his blog here: http://augustinereads.wordpress.com/







Just a note to say that, while I'm not blogging much, I do participate on Facebook.  You can find me here:



The Ambassador is fixing you a drink at a swinging Christmas party.  Better hurry and get it.  The girl in the background is dying to get her hands on him and his
mustache. Or maybe it's the casually feathered-back hair that's enticing her.

Wait a minute.  Check this guy out.  The ladies love him!  He's got SUPERMISTLETOE.  Or, maybe he has a box of high quality chocolates in his pocket. :)

Here's a guy who hopes to win this lady over with a Pepsi.  I see his friends are waiting for him to fail.  There may even be a betting pool.

He should have gotten her Evening In Paris!  (Isn't this a gorgeous ad?)

Oh dear.  Here's a harried father.  The kids wore him out, I guess.  Or wait, maybe he's slumped over like that because...

This is what he got his wife for Christmas and...

...now he's afraid she'll use his other gift to hide his dead body!

Well, whatever you plan to do for the holidays, whether it's flying off on vacation,

or traveling by train to visit family or friends,

riding around in your car looking at holiday decorations,

or just hanging out in front of the television,

trying to catch a glimpse of Santa,

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

I'll be home with family, cooking and eating, but there's one thing that won't be far from my mind...

My writing. Speaking of which, the holiday 99cents Kindle special for IT'S A MOD, MOD, MOD, MOD MURDER will only run through New Year's, so download your copy now. http://www.amazon.com/Its-Murder--Go-Go-Mystery-ebook/dp/B003Z4KB4S/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1324574279&sr=8-2

And here, have a cookie before you go!  I baked them myself with real butter. It's the holidays, after all, and we're all required to gain at least five pounds.



Groovy graphics designer, Alexandra Thompson, of http://www.artymind.com updated the covers for the ebook versions of my super-cozy mystery series set in the 1960s.  Alex was the creator of the original "Retro Girl" image, so it was only natural that I approach her when I thought the covers needed a fab update.

Here are the new covers.  Oh, and to celebrate, I've dropped the price on IT'S A MOD, MOD, MOD, MOD MURDER to 99cents on Kindle!

Here's the link to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Its-Murder--Go-Go-Mystery-ebook/dp/B003Z4KB4S/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1320797218&sr=1-1


Happy Halloween! Let's go back to the '60s!

I remember well the days when a kid could go out trick or treating, running through the dark, leaf-filled streets of autumn from house to house without a care beyond how much candy he/she could collect.  Things are different now, but I still hope tonight my doorbell will ring, and I'll open it to kids in costumes calling out "Trick or Treat!"

Let's go back to the 1960s with--you guessed it--some vintage ads!  And if you're looking for a fun read set across Manhattan from the offices of Mad Men, check out my Murder-A-Go-Go mystery series starring roommates and partners in sleuthing, stewardess Darlene Roland, and secretary to oh-so-dreamy Mr. Williams, Elizabeth "Bebe" Bennett.  The books are now available on Kindle here:  http://www.amazon.com/Its-Murder--Go-Go-Mystery-ebook/dp/B003Z4KB4S/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1320068736&sr=1-1



Bebe tries Fizzies at the 1964 World's Fair in NYC in Twist and Shout Murder.




It may be autumn, but last night and this morning looked like winter.  I admit that I love snow, I just don't love it when, invariably, the power goes out.

Snow began falling a little after 6pm last night and continued until a little after 11am.  The power was out for around three hours this morning.  I can always count on you, Dominion Virginia Power!  *shakes fist*

The snow is melting this afternoon, but this morning was perfect for curling up in bed with a book and a cat.  Annabel is a Los Angeles kitty.  She was fascinated by the snow, but not so much by how chilly it got in the house.

Here are some pics.



*blows cobwebs off journal*  

Hello!  I've been busy moving and have neglected my journal.  Yes, because all my family are now in Virginia, I've left my beloved Los Angeles and moved back east.

I found a great 1960s house to rent up in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I've decorated the living room, kitchen, and dining room 1960s-style.  Betty Draper would approve of my knotty pine kitchen and dining room.  My office holds my Regency England paintings, maps, and treasures I picked up on my trips to London.  The bedrooms are contemporary.  The one commonality between all the rooms is that each contains lots of books!

I'm looking forward to a colorful autumn and hope you are too.



LORD AND MASTER is a traditional Regency romance I wrote back in the late 1990s and the third in the Cat of Mayfair series.  You might be raising an eyebrow at the title.  What is this, you ask, a bondage Regency?  Ahem, no.

After I'd turned in the manuscript for MISS PYMBROKE'S RULES, my new editor called and asked what the next book would be about.  I told her the story would have some New Age elements in it involving two servants.  Silence on the other end of the phone.  I explained that the reader would either understand my (intentionally irreverent) take on these metaphysical qualities, or they would simply think the secondary characters were mad as March hares.  Silence on the other end of the line.  But the story would be a traditional Regency romance.  Ah, she said, I can't wait to read it. 

Thanks to the ever-fabulous folks at Regency Reads,
www.regencyreads.com the story is now available again after being out of print for over a decade.  You can read an excerpt here:  www.regencyreads.com/bookstore/excerpts/lord_and_master.html

LORD AND MASTER is actually a double love story.  The primary one being between the hero and heroine, naturally.  The two meet at the famous Astley's Royal Amphitheatre where a low person is parading around what he asks the crowd to believe is the "World's Smallest Tiger." Miss Daphne Kendall, infuriated at the mistreatment of a lovely cat, rushes to save the poor creature.  Her odious companion, Miss Oakswine, does not approve, but Daphne is not to be deterred.  Lord Ravenswood, a man determined never to let any woman influence him beyond common sense, sets eyes on Daphne and demands the "tiger's" owner turn the cat over to him, offering a hefty sum in exchange.  Once the cat's new owner, his lordship tries to make a gift of the feline to Daphne, but is reminded at once by the animal-hating Miss Oakswine that such an expensive gift would be most improper. 

Thus, the relationship begins and is intensified by a tangled maze of sinister doings.  

Daphne has no idea what her Fatal Flaw, as she calls it, is that drives the gentlemen away.

Lord Ravenswood is doing the Season in hopes of finding a quiet, biddable female to make his wife.  Intelligent, vibrant, determined Miss Daphne Kendall certainly does not match his requirements.

But the two have not counted on Daphne's new companion, Miss Shelby who has "visions" nor Eugene, Lord Ravenswood's manservant brought back from his time in Egypt who, one might say, serves two masters, not to mention the cat, Mihos, to show them the way to true love.

LORD AND MASTER, like all my traditional Regency romances, is more of a romp than a deeply emotional love story.

LORD AND MASTER is appropriate for ages 12 and up.

Happy Reading!



MISS PYMBROKE'S RULES is now an ebook

I distinctly remember when I got "The Call" from Barbara Dicks who was Fawcett's Regency romance editor.  Barbara bought my first Regency romance, A CRIME OF MANNERS, and then she asked me if I had another book ready.  Despite being rather shell-shocked during the call, I was able to tell her that I did indeed have another book in the works.  That book was MISS PYMBROKE'S RULES, the second in my Cats of Mayfair series.

I'm pleased to announce that after being out of print for over a decade, the story is available once again through the terrific people at Belgrave House/Regency Reads. 
www.regencyreads.com  I continue to be amazed at the high quality of their work, especially the lovely covers.  You can read an excerpt here:  www.regencyreads.com/bookstore/excerpts/miss_pymbrokes_rules.html

MISS PYMBROKE'S RULES features one of my favorite character types: the two bickering sisters of a Certain Age.  Lady Iris and Lady Hyacinth live next door to beautiful, but extremely proper, Miss Verity Pymbroke.  Verity finds herself having to economize.  Helpful (and matchmaking) Lady Iris has the perfect solution.  She suggests that Verity lease her townhouse for the Season and come live with the sisters.  Verity agrees, but expounds upon the rules of who she will accept as a suitable tenant.

Now Lady Iris knows full well that her cousin's grandson, Lord Carrisworth, is a bit of a well...rapscallion.  He's known for his wild parties, you see, and then there's the bit about keeping twin girls as his mistresses (or does he?).  Lady Iris wants Carrisworth to rent Verity's townhouse and thus throw the two together.  But how is she to accomplish this when his lordship has a very fine house in Town of his own?

There's no need for Lady Iris to worry.  Her cat, Empress, promptly takes matters into her own delicate paws.

MISS PYMBROKE'S RULES is appropriate for ages 12 and up.

Happy Reading!